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Natural spring water “Kuze” originates from the peaks of Savalan Mountains. Natural spring water “Kuze” has a rich composition of minerals and microelements coming from a source at Sim village of Astara district, 4821 m above sea level. The 400 caliber water has a very light taste and unique purity which is fully appropriate for production.

Natural spring water plant “Kuze” was founded by Firudin Jurenli in 2015. Water plant launched production in compliance with the Certificate of Conformity BİSS № 00048 granted by AZS National Certification System and Hygienic Certificate № AZ0311788 granted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republican Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Although our company was founded only a short time ago, right choice of water source, high standards of quality and unique taste of water have been leading this 

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company to expand its sales more rapidly than other companies in bottled water sector. The total area of our company is 2000 m2, with a closed area of 1500 m2. Our company is equipped with brand-new and state-of the-art technologies meeting high quality standards. 80% of them were imported from Turkey, and 20% were from the Republic of China. All products (bottles, caps and labels) used in bottling are manufactured by the Turkey firms that have been awarded with a number of international certificates and import their products to the most developed countries.

The water is ozonized passing through physical filters and ultraviolet lamps. Our products are marketed to consumers after being filled and bottled via up-to-date technologies taking into account all hygienic requirements and environmental factors. As “Kuze” is not delivered through pipelines, it stays as fresh as the day it was drawn from the source and is offered to consumers in very natural state.


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